Two dollar Thanksgiving Cookbook Benefiting Feeding America


The Best Thanksgiving Recipes from the Best Food Blogs

I’m really happy to be part of a charity Thanksgiving cookbook this year. The cookbook was put together by Swoop and 100% of the profits go to Feeding America. It features dozens of recipes from a diverse range of food bloggers. For $2 you can’t beat it … you help those less fortunate and you get some great new recipes and hopefully discover some new blogs to peruse as well!

Speaking of …

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is so soon! We are going to visit family in Florida and I cannot wait to see the ocean. Speaking of the ocean (so thankful for this piece of planetary magic), this is the time of year everyone gets super “thankful” and posts all kinds of cute things on facebook about what they are thankful for. I like reading those (mostly :) ), but it reminds me of something I was taught many years ago. When I was going through a rough period and had very little in the way of optimism, someone wiser than myself recommended that before going to bed I think of one beautiful thing I saw that day. Just one. She told me to push all the negative out and just focus on that one beautiful thing … a flower, a smile, iced tea, sunshine.

I’ve been doing that for almost ten years. Every night I think of something beautiful, something I’m grateful for, something that made me feel love, appreciation, or happiness. This one habit has literally changed my life. When things are rough it can be hard, but you can always think of one thing … and then another comes … and another … and another. Now I don’t need it, but I do it and I love it. I plan on teaching my children to do the same. I truly believe that if everyone went to bed thinking of something beautiful, something to be thankful for, or something that made you feel love, appreciation, or happiness, we would all live in a much sweeter world.

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